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2.2. SAM Selection

SAM (Security Access Manager) — a database where information about local users, their rights and passwords is stored.

If several SAM databases found — you need to choose a proper SAM database to reset proper account password and attributes. Normally SAM is located on a drive where operating system is installed in the folder :\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG.

SAM database

This also means that if you try to change local account attributes for the system currently running, you will NOT be granted exclusive access to the drive and will not be able to reset account attributes. The following messages might appear:

Password Changer: SAM processing important


Password Changer: SAM file path

If selected drive cannot be unlocked by some reasons, current system drive is used by operating system, for example, User Account parameters will be opened in Read Only mode.

Password Changer: Read only mode

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