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2.4 Change Account's Password and Attributes

After you've chosen the Local User Account you will see account description and attributes:

Password Changer tool: account description and attributes

In the left column you can see the account's current existing attributes.

In the right column you can set new values for these attributes. Default values are acceptable for most cases and guarantee to be able to logon to the system without password.

To reset Account's password — make sure that Clear this User's Password option is selected.

To agree to save backup Registry SAM copy — just check Backup to: checkbox or uncheck it otherwise.

Click Apply to store changes back to the SAM database. You'll be asked for action confirmation:

Password Recovery software:changing account parameters

Click Yes to change the SAM file and go to final wizard page:

Password Recovery software:Click Yes to change the SAM file

Click Finish to finish the Wizard and exit the program.

Password Recovery software: Logon Hours limitations

Specify logon hours, click OK to close the dialog and Save account's attributes.

Password Recovery software: the final page will show full path and name for the backup file

Backup file name has a timestamp at the end: YYYYMMDDhhmmss where YYYY – year, MM – month, DD – day, hh – hour, mm – minutes, ss – seconds when this backup SAM file was saved.

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