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System Operating Procedures

Active@ Password Changer can run from any bootable device that has DOS installed, including a floppy drive, a CD, a flash card, or a USB drive, provided that your target computer's BIOS supports booting from these types of devices.

The bootable device should contain DOS system files and the PWD_CHNG.EXE program file.

Please note that booting from CD is possible, if you have a CD burner to create a CD, and if your system can be booted from CD.

Preparing a boot device

You can create a boot device in any one of the ways:

1. The Bootable Disk Creator to create a bootable floppy drive or USB drive;

2. Bootable disk (startup disk) preparation

A. Preparing a DOS- Bootable Floppy/USB Disk (Startup Disk).

If you do not have bootable disk, you can prepare such disk from MS-DOS, Windows 95/98 the following ways:

  • If you boot in MS-DOS or in Command Prompt mode of Windows 95/98, insert blank floppy/USB and type:
    C:\> FORMAT A: /S
    and follow the instructions on a screen
  • If you boot in Windows 95/98/ME, go to the “Control Panel” then “Add/Remove Programs”, then switch to tab “Startup Disk” and click button “Startup Disk…” and follow the instructions
  • If you boot in Windows XP, insert blank floppy/USB, right-click A: drive, choose “Format…”, check “Create an MS-DOS startup disk” option and click “Start” button

B. Copy Active@ Password Changer (PWD_CHNG.EXE) to the bootable floppy disk.

User's Guide for DOS version

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